Suits for men

Suits for men

Today we ask ourselves whether wearing suits for men are becoming a thing of the past? More and more companies nowadays are implementing a casual-wear approach for both men and women and a full suit is being seen less and less. In fact, some research has claimed that only one in ten people now wear suits to work. Newer generations are implementing their thought processes on an ever-changing world and this may be the reason for this decline.

Alternative opinion
Frencheye, however, has seen first hand that the suit, although dying slowly in the workplace, is certainly not dying when it comes to events, functions and even important meetings. Being connoisseurs of suits for men, we’re seeing more and more people come into our store, even though workplace suit wearing is slowly dying.

And that’s why our styles and designs are always evolving. Yes, perhaps wearing a workplace suit isn’t common anymore- but nor are our suits. That’s what makes them a winner in the eyes of those who do need to “dress to impress”. Business meetings, best man duties at a wedding, groom duties at a wedding even. Whatever the function, our suits for men certainly do catch the eye immediately. Giving off a good outwardly appearance is the first chance to give off a good first impression, as we all know!

The products on our site speak for themselves. Our suits are so advanced both appearance wise and comfort wise, that you won’t regret becoming a Frencheye customer!

A prime example of what we mean is this red floral three piece suit. It comes with a waistcoat and is obviously not designed for office wear, but for the chance to impress! Some feedback we receive from wearers of this suit is unbelievably amazing to hear. Head over to: to have a look!

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