Wedding Suit

Wedding Suit

When we talk about the word wedding, every person will react differently. Some will smile, some will run and some will have no expressions whatsoever because that is the last thing they can think about! But we want to show you how to look your best and what kind of wedding suit is the best.

Now, when you are invited to a wedding, normally you look at the invite and scoff because, let’s face it, unless its someone you’re really close to, like a close friend, it’s more headache than it’s worth. But, let’s for one second put a positive spin on it. What if you went to this wedding and YOU were the star of the show? Trust us, we’ve tried it and it’s lots of fun!

So here goes our advice for a red wedding suit. Why red, you ask? Well red is proven to grab attention from people and that’s why many stores use red for the colour associated to sales- because it grabs attention.

Most people put on the same suits they wear at the office and go to the wedding and blend into the background. Why not shake things up and perhaps try a Frencheye suit that will dazzle? Here are our top picks!

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